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If you love the outdoors but the idea of shlepping gear through the woods, pitching a teetering tent, finding the least rocky patch of land to make your bed, and  “roughing it” in the wilderness is not your idea of a good time, there is still a way, and it’s called glamping. If you’re wondering what exactly glamping is, think of it as a posher style of camping that steeps you in nature without having to sacrifice modern amenities such as running water and comfy beds. The beauty of glamping is that there is no one size fits all. From lavish treehouses and beachfront bungalows to luxurious yurts, tents and cozy cabins, you are spoilt for choice, and you can book all of these accommodations types easily, right here on Orbitz. Here are 7 things to look for in a glamping accommodation, before you book.

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Is my Instagram feed gonna blow up?

Let’s be honest: Not all of nature is created equal. If you’re doing this in part because you want to make friends, family and followers jealous, do yourself a favor and glamp somewhere with jaw-dropping scenery like at the base of the Grand Tetons or surrounded by Saguaro cacti. There are places out there that, nice as though they may be, short change visitors when it comes to nature’s eye candy. Glamping isn’t cheap and part of what you’re paying for is your natural surroundings.

Photo courtesy of Under Canvas Zion

ABODE It doesn’t get any prettier than the steep red cliffs of Zion National Park in southern Utah. Book a stay at Under Canvas Zion, which offers Insta-worthy, postcard-perfect shots at every turn.

Will Jack Frost be nipping at my nose?

Planning a camping trip during the cooler months, but sleeping on the hard ground and being bundled up like the Abominable Snowman with icicles for toes sounds more like, “Umm, I’d rather not”? Glamping is an excellent alternative. Trade in the sleeping bag for a sound slumber in a plush bed and ditch the loads of layers for a heated retreat (think wood-burning stoves, heated walls, electric heaters and/or blankets and even heated floors). Want to really warm things up? Choose a glamping destination that includes a hot tub and sauna—one with idyllic views, like those of monolithic snow-capped mountains peaking in the distance and various wildlife.

Photo courtesy of Between Beaches Alaska

ABODE Between Beaches Alaska ticks all the checkboxes. Perched on a spit between two beaches (hence the name), Between Beaches is made up of three luxurious cabins and two Glamping Tents. Unwind in the sauna or sink into the wood-fired hot tub, as you listen to the waves crash against the shore while soaking in the breathtaking views.

Who will make me s’mores?

Can you even mention camping without roasting marshmallows and making s’mores by the fireside? They’re kind of synonymous. Though tasty as they may be, these treats aren’t exactly five-star glamping cuisine. You’re going to need a little bit more sustenance than that, and those slightly undercooked roasted hot dogs, or burgers and baked beans, will probably get really old really quickly as well. It’s all fun for nostaligia’s sake, but the real treat in glamping is that there is often a full meal service that can be hand-delivered to you whether you are hanging out in the hammock, relaxing in your tent or chilling under the pavilion.

Photo courtesy of Hameki

ABODE Indulge in a glamping gastronomic getaway at Hameki, located in Homún, Mexico. Enjoy some down home cooking where regional dishes made with only the freshest ingredients are on offer. Dinner and a movie…under the stars, anyone? This is a guest favorite at Hameki.

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What if my boss can’t let go of me?

Escaping to the wilderness, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnecting with nature—ahh yes, the perfect off-the-grid getaway! But, is there WiFi? It may sound a little counterintuitive, “Can I still connect while trying to disconnect?;” however, let’s be honest, whether it’s the boss who’s constantly blowing up our inboxes or the desire to be “social” in the world of Insta this and TikTok that, WiFi plays a big role in most of our lives. Finding a glamping site that offers both WiFi and blissful natural surroundings is the perfect balance.

Photo courtesy of Yale Manor BB and Yurt Glamping

ABODE Tucked away on 10 acres of peaceful lake-front land, Yale Manor B&B and Yurt Glamping offers a serene escape from the concrete jungle of New York City, while still providing modern amenities such as free in-room WiFi so you can check those emails and post on your feeds (because if you don’t post it on social, did it really happen?)

Will I have to relive junior high locker room nightmares?

If flashbacks of showering after gym class during those embarrassingly weird pubescent years still brings back cringe-worthy memories, then you may want to reconsider rustic camping. Save yourself from a river sponge bath and splurge on a glamping experience where you’ll be “spoiled” with creature comforts; you know, like actual running water and maybe even a private bathroom.

Photo courtesy of the Fireside Resort

ABODE Experience the magic of a full-body shower that you never knew you needed at Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole. After a day of outdoor adventure, relax in total bliss in the privacy of your “cabin,” as the multi-jet shower soothes away any aches or ails.

Should I bring my guitar?

The best part of any camping trip is arguably making magical memories with your friends, loved ones and others you meet along the way. From frolicking by the fireside to adventuring the great outdoors, it’s the people you spend these moments with who make it worth experiencing. When selecting your glamping site, definitely opt for a location that offers communal areas as a way to get your group together, but also to meet other glampers, as well. Sharing stories, cultivating friendships—even if only for a weekend—that’s what it’s all about!

Photo courtesy of Under Canvas Grand Canyon

ABODE Stay at the safari-inspired luxury glamping site Under Canvas Grand Canyon, where you can mix and mingle with other guests in their luxurious “lobby tent,” which also hosts their on-site restaurant, Ember. Fun, fellowship and fond memories is what you can expect at this site located next door to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Am I going to have to spend my time whittling wood out of boredom?

You can put away the pocketknife, MacGyver. If chosen correctly, your glamping experience will include some fun-filled adventures and activities that definitely won’t incite boredom or cabin fever. The best glamping destinations offer a balance of both, where you can lounge listlessly and bask in the art of nothingness or sate the adventure junkie within.

Photo courtesy of Treehouse in the Santa Cruz Mountains Redwoods

ABODE Go camping in the canopies at Redwood Treehouse in Santa Cruz, California. It’s location leads the way for some epic adventures. Catch some waves in the Pacific Ocean while surfing, boogie boarding or windsurfing. You may even spot a whale on a whale watching adventure. You can also enjoy activities such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving. Prefer to be more grounded? Find your zen with a yoga or meditation session. The options are endless.

Have you ever been glamping? What was your experience like? Do you have a favorite spot? Let us know in the comments!

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